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RFID Microchip Injector Case- Arowana

2017-12-29 10:06:20 Faread Technology Co.,LTd. Read

The RFID arowana identification management system including arowana chip, RFID reader and network technology which can track the whole activities of arowana such as feeding, breeding, migratory etc. The feeding process of arowana can be tracked when epidemic breakout, sanitation department check or confirm the pedigree and historical traces of possible infection arowana though the system. Meanwhile, it also provides real-time, detailed and reliable data of arowana from birth to breeding.

The chip is implanted into the arowana's muscle through syringe with a unique identification code as the arowana's identity during his life. Using the reader, we can send information to a computer system to achieve the automatic recognition and analysis of arowana's pedigree, identity, master, reproductivity, health and epidemic prevention information and further achieve the informatization and authenticity of a management 

At present, it widely used in many fisheries of Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The main specials of arowana include red arowana, sliver arowana, green arowana etc.

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