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Warehouse and Logistic Solution

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Combined with automatic control and wireless communication technologies, RFID technology participates in Warehousing ins/outs management, inventory management, allocation management, exchange management, financial statement analysis, terminal data acquisition in warehousing and logistics. It makes a better control of the objects’properties, status, position, historical changes and other information.
System Components
RFID tags, UHF Reader,Antenna, Controller,Computer, Handheld reader, Software include management software and writing software.
1.    RFID labels attached on packing containers, pallet, shelves and packing boxes. Equip RFID readers at the entrance and exit of the warehouse,and on the forklift as well. Equip the staff with RFID handheld readers.
2.    When the goods getting in or out of the warehouse, the RFID reader can read the label for the whole containers, and put the data from the label to the information system.
3.    Classify goods and put them on the pallet. Make sure that the label of the good packing box and the label of the pallet are of the same classification.
4.    When putting the goods in the shelves, or transferring the goods, identify the classification of the pallet as well as the goods using the RFID reader on the forklift, and automatically indicate the correct shelf and position where the good should be put in.
5.    Staffs can use their RFID handheld readers to locate, make inventories and classifications of the goods. 
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1.    Quick, accurate and safe information transmission.
2.    Capture the information/data in business processes; increase the transparency level of supply chain management.
3.    Ultra low power consumption, safer and healthier to human beings.
4.    Shorten working processes; improve inventory quality.
5.    Save labor expenses, improve working efficiency and economic benefit.


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