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Laundry Management Solution

2017-12-29 10:04:52 Faread Technology Co.,LTd. Read
RFID intelligent laundry system applies RFID technology in the identification and management of individual piece of clothes. Based on UHF RFID technology, this solution realizes an efficient working platform of rapid collection, automatic counting and taking back for the laundry industry.
System Components
RFID Tags, RFID Reader, Handheld Reader, Software include Management Software and Writing Software.
1.    The washing tags sewn to the clothes, then the customer information and clothing information written in the tags and are associated in the system.
2.    Laundry recipient center monitors the tags.
3.    After classification, laundry is put into the washing process. When washing finished, clothing current state is updated.
4.    When customers receive clothes, clothes outlets will check receive document and the tags, and let the customer take the clothing back after confirmation.
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1.    Visible laundry washing process leads to lower clothing missing risk.
2.    Reduce labor.
3.    Collect data efficiently and accurately, and improve operation efficiency.
4.    Collect distribution and retrieve data automatically, and reduce human mistakes.
5.    Reduce customers’ comprehensive laundry management cost.


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