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Library Management Solution

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A complete suite of innovative RFID solutions optimized for public libraries and academic libraries to achieve exceptional application results in library collection inventory, item search, self-service loan, self-service return, and library collection security management, helps increasing efficiency and patron’s experience.
RFID library management system comprises of RFID EAS Gates, RFID Library Tags, Tag Conversion System, Self-service loan and return stations, mobile inventory system, library workstations, and Centralized Monitoring Software. It is seamlessly integrated with Library Management system allowing all the transactions to take place.
FareadUHF Library Tags.
Very small and thin profile (100×3.5mm); large data storage capacity; faster read and write rates.
FareadSelf Check in/out Station.
This system provides self-service loan, return, renewal, loan inquiries, passwords setting, self service fee payment and other features.
Faread Self-service System
Faread self-service system provides self-service loan, inquiries, renewals and other services.
Faread Smart Trolley
With maximum comfort, library staff can perform searching and inventory, shelving, sorting, weeding and exception-finding.
Faread RFID EAS Security Gates
EAS Security system provides RFID items detection and visual & audio alerts, protecting library collection from theft. It supports online operation mode and offline operation mode, offering the higher security.
Faread Self-service Library
This equipment can be installed in the community, squares, schools, railway stations and other public places, to provide self-service loan, return, registration, renewal, book information, appointing the collection designation, SMS notification, self-service loan collection, and other features to patrons who live beyond the range of the physical libraries.
Faread Auto Book Sorter

Faread Book Sorter provides reliable & fast book sorting tailored to library requirements.

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1. Freeing up staff time
2. Faster & easier-to-use self-service units
3. Better ways to process returns
4. Smarter ways to manage collections
5. OH&S benefits through reduced handling
6 .Extend collection security to all items
7. Positioning your library as an innovator


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