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Animal ID and Food tracking Solution

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Solution to the Beef Cattle Breeding Management


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RFID system shows a detailed and unique supply chain for each product by providing separate identity and transportation history, thereby to achieve the goal of tracking and tracing. At present, some countries adopt a combination of the RFID and barcode to trace the production and sales of meat products. The specific scheme is: in animal feeding stage, they use RFID chip to track, and when the animals are slaughtered and sold, they use barcode on the package. In animal growth stages, as barcode may be lost or damaged in animal activity, they use RFID instead of barcode. In case of any quality problems during sales process of meat, we can realize the overall tracking and supervision according to the barcode on the package.


Solution to Pet Identification


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The RFID pet identification management system, independently developed by our company is based on RFID and network technology. It uses a PET chip as an identification to give a fundamental solution to the pet loss, abandonment and supervision. We use ear tag and hang tag in traditional pet identification. It has many problems such as lost, small amount of information and complex modify. Compared with the traditional way, the grain size PET chip has the advantage of unique identification, large amount of information, simple operation, quick and accurate read, can't be counterfeited and good appearance.

The chip is implanted into the animal subcutaneous through syringe with a unique identification code as the pet's identity during his life. Using the reader, we can send information to a computer system to achieve the automatic recognition and analysis of pet's pedigree, identity, master, reproductivity, health and epidemic prevention information and further achieve the informatization of pet management.


Solution to Pigs Breeding Management


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By using the advanced Internet technology, we come up with a scientific, accurate and safe solution to the pigs breeding, fattening, slaughter & processing and sales management and achieve a full traceability of pork products to solve the problem of extensive management loopholes and benefit loss in traditional production management. It can improve brand image and is a good promotion means, guaranteeing the production safety and well-control animal epidemic disease in order to gain value-added benefits.

Using a two-dimensional code ear tag on the individual pig identification and based on the identification code, we can summary the information of epidemic prevention, quarantine, feed input goods procurement and sales to the data center from the pig's birth to slaughter. It can realize the network search for the source of product and the production process, providing consumers with assured and safe consumption guide and providing the government with reliable data source.


Solution to the Source-Tracking of Food Safety


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The solution to source-tracking of food safety is used in recording the food production, processing, quality inspection, and transportation information. The QC management personnel or the consumer can track the product by scanning or online input the number into a computer. In this way, we can realize the traceability of food safety security.

Food safety is related to the safety of the entire food supply chain. To get a real solution to this problem, we need to monitor the whole process from the source of food production process. It should be secure, accurate, real-time and operational.

Overall monitoring:We need a real-time monitoring of every link in the whole chain from the source food to the table.

Automatic recognition: By using a two-dimensional code technology and the automatic identification of information, through the fixed or portable reader we can automatically obtained information in every link of production.

Traceability: The system tracks the entire production process and centralized backup data to quality inspection center to provide basic retrospective data for government departments and enterprises.

Convenience: The two-dimensional code automatic identification technology is used in all links, automatically uploading the data to the quality inspection center to save a lot of human and material resources.

Security: We make use of a new generation two-dimensional code passive electronic tag. It has fast response time, low failure rate and it can ensure the security, timeliness and stability of tag identification.

Real time: Each link connects to the backstage database via a wired or wireless network and the data can be uploaded to the database in real time. We can monitor the production status in the office.




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