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Production Line Management Solution

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Use RFID in production line system, and realize material cost control, production statistics and piece rate statistics. At the same time according to user needs, can realize the production line equipment operation monitoring and management. 
System Components
RFID Tags, RFID fixed Reader, Controller, Computer, Software includes Management Software and Writing Software.
1.    Paste anti-metal tags on production line trays, and set up RFID readers in designated position in production line. When the trays going through the readers, the readers read the information of the tag.
2.    When the trays reach the processing points, the system automatically identify tag information and process corresponding operation according to the set procedure.
3.    Trays need to be processed and transferred into the processing point, otherwise continue the advance.
4.    Collect production information in real time; quickly find the bottleneck in production.
5.    Through production statistics and production progress estimate, accurately master the progress of orders, so that to deliver timely.
6.    Combined with procurement, warehousing and other related data, reasonably arrange work and reduce overstock.
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Application of RFID technology in production management helps enterprise to get the real-time production data, as a result to manage and control each link of production line; to grasp the progress of orders and production bottlenecks and other important information; solve problems and improve efficiency.
Analyze the production data with other data, so that to monitor production line equipment parts operation, to manage product in/out in storage and in logistics and distribution center. Due to the non-visible reading and multi-tag simultaneous reading features of RFID technology, the entire data can be accurately read in a multi-label reading action in one time, which greatly improves the efficiency of production enterprise "supply - Production - Logistics' management.


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