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Automotive Coating Line Management Solution

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Because the Rodip-3 system(full rotation 360 degree flip)applied  for automotivecoating workshop to pretreatment for electrophoresis, PVC-floating coating –surface coating using automatic equipment like the sliding skid transportation system and is equipped with automatic cleaning machine, automatic painting machine, to pretreatelectrophoresis slip skid and coating, paint skid to realize automatic piling buttress reconciliation in their online storage. To realize the function of body automatic transfer and storage, and through the PLC control automation equipment according to the stored on the skid load code in the body of the instructions for the production of the corresponding operation, to achieve flexible automation production.
System Component
RFID tags, RFID fixed reader, controller, computer, software, including management software and writingsoftware.
Body identification system, software and hardware control system control the automatic operation of the body, automatic storage and automatic transfer. According to the design of the process route and the data of the body, the system determines the direction of the body, such as: qualified body automatically to spray wax line, unqualified  bodyto point repair line. In the Electrocoat body storage line, floating coatingbody storage line, surface coating body storage line, when several parallel storage lines in a full body, the rear of the body will be automatically stored to next line. Automatic cleaning machine read out the models and color data from the reader in the entrance of injection room o, pass to the automatic coating machinethrough field bus. Through the hardware system composed of color change valve, a metering pump, atomizer is composed o and software control system,automatic painting machine realize the automatic recognition of vehicle type and color, automatic paint spraying, automatic color change, automatic cleaning and automatic paint injection.


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The high level of automation of the production line determines the shorter production cycle, and the greater the throughput of the unit time. This coating line’s timing is 90s. Through the vehicle automatic identification system that automatically read the production information, through the automatic operation of the body, automatic transfer, automatic spraying, automatic control and adjustment of the equipment, fault indication and diagnosis,the coating line greatly improve the production efficiency and provide a guarantee for a virtuous circle for production.


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