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Waste Management Solution

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With the continuous improvement of living standard, people pay more attention to their ambient environment, and the traditional management of sanitation can’t meet thisrequirement.
Faread RFID waste management system is based on RFID technology and combined the technology of GPS, GPRS which achievesthegoal of transport management and real-time monitoring. During the process of waste disposal, it also provides the information and technical support for the sanitation department.
System components
RFID Tags, RFID reader, GPS Tracker, Software
1. RFID tags stickto the surface of waste bin. ( LF HF UHF optional)
2. A RFID reader is installed in waste truck which read tags information during the process of recycling wasteand send the information to backend database though the internet.
3. Through the platform of digital remote monitoring, the GPS tracker is installed in waste truck which can monitor the truck condition including driving route, speed , timeandwaste clearing rate.
4. A monitor probe is installed in both sanitation parking lot and waste transfer station. And the signal of probe can be connected to headquarters which realize remote real-time monitoring.
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1. Automatically gather waste statistics though RFID Technology.
2. Monitor thewaste trucks’ work efficiency. 
3. Control the whole sanitary environment, and timely aware of sanitary problem andquickly solved.
4. Save time: avoidwaste recycling repeatedly.
5. Build the real-time interaction between the sanitary workers and managers.
6. Make thewaste management more reasonable, scientific and standard.


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