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Car Parking Management Solution

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RFID technology is widely applied in vehicle access and control applications. It provides significant advantages such as non-stop toll collection security guarantee. Faread's UHF long distance RFID technology integrates with monitoring camera providing enterprises and communities with hands-free control to ensure only authorized vehicles to enter into. The system works in pass/fail mode--access granted or access denied records are also stored in the database for inquiring periodic vehicle access history and parking fees.


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System Components 
UHF RFID reader, vehicle tag antenna, automatic barriers monitoring camera, host computer and management software etc.
Usually the reader is installed in the control room and the tag is attached on the windshield of the vehicle. The tag stores the vehicle number and its owner's information,a prepaid account can be linked to it. 
When a vehicle's wheels press the underground vehicle detecting apparatus (a sensor coil) the standby reader is activated to read vehicle tag information to check its validity according to the data stored in the computer database. If the car is authorized, the reader will log the entry time and vehicle number then transmits the entry data back to host computer and trigger a command to lift the barrier. The exit process is the similar; the reader logs exit time and vehicle number and transits the data to the host computer the car owner's account is then debited for the time he/she spent in the parking lot.
If the tag failed to be authorized or the account is not sufficient to pay the parking fee, the system will alarm security and the camera snaps a photo and the barrier won't lift. 


1.Automatic vehicle identification and parking fee collection without manual interference.
2. Time saving: eliminates lines and traffic jams on both entrance and exit.
3. Trigger an alarm and snap photo when an unauthorized vehicle enters or leaves the lot to provide better security guarantee.
4.Increase in revenue generation elimination of pilferages and accurate calculation of parking fees.
5. Provides real time inventory of vehicle in the parking lot.
6. Each access and exit is recorded in the host computer's database to maintain a history of access activities and billing of daily weekly or monthly fee.


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