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    FRD620 HF RFID Reader

    At a Glance·         13.56 MHz RFID write/read device for ranges up to 240 mm·         Transponder communicati

    1. Detailed information

    At a Glance

    ·         13.56 MHz RFID write/read device for ranges up to 240 mm

    ·         Transponder communication according to ISO/IEC 15693 standard and ISO14443 standard

    ·         Compact, industrial design with integrated antenna

    ·         Embedded protocols allow interfacing with standard industrial fieldbus technologies

    ·         Powerful micro-processor executes internally configurable logic

    ·         Flexible trigger control

    ·         Built-in diagnostics


    Intelligent RFID Communication

    The FRD620 is a compact, high frequency (HF) read/write device for ranges up to 240 mm. It is compatible with ISO/IEC 15693 and 14443. Thanks to its compact design and integrated antenna, it is a cost-effective and flexible solution for logistics and automation in industry 4.0. Integrated signal and data processing ensure extremely high identification process speeds. Trigger signals and output control enable use as a locally controlled unit.










    ISO15693, ISO14443

    Support IC

    NXP I-CODE-SLI, Mifare Classic 1K/4K, Ultralight, Fujitsu Fram

    Input / Output(optional)

    Relay contact, Buzzer

    Communication Interface

    USB-HID or USB COM-Port or RS232 or Ethernet



    100mmx80mmx31mm(with base plate)

    Operating Temperature

    -10°C to +55°C

    Baudrate RS232

    19.2kbit/s, others possible

    Reading Distance

    Up to 100mm (depending on size of transponder)

    Power Supply

    USB Charging(USB Interface ) ,5V(RS232 or Ethernet Interface)

    Display / LED Light

    3 Colored LED

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