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  1. FRD5400 Animal Handheld Reader
  2. FRD5400 Animal Handheld Reader

FRD5400 Animal Handheld Reader

Product introduction                      FRD5400 is a lowfrequency tag reader that using wirel

  1. Detailed information

Product introduction           


  • FRD5400 is a lowfrequency tag reader that using wireless identification technology and itsupports reading EMID, FDX-B(ISO11784/85) tag etc.

  •  FRD5400 using highbrightness OLED display screen, and can be seen clearly inside the houseor under the strong light outside. It can store up to 4000 tag informationwith its built-in memory, users can send the information to the computerthrough USB cable or wireless connection to manage data.

  • This product is stableand easy to use, it can be used for animal management, resource management,railway inspection etc.

Tech Specification






134.2kHz / 125kHz

Reading Standard

ISO11784/5, ISO18000

Communication Mode

USB2.0, wireless communication (optional)

Data Storage

4000 records

Reading Distance

Glass tag(20cm), Ear tag(30cm)


128*64 OLED

Operation Temperature


Continuous Working Time

20 hours



                  Color                                            Light gray,Orange                                         

Term of Service

1 year

Power Supply

3.7V( lithium battery)


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