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Faread Technology Received ICAR Certification

2015-12-28 17:14:56 Faread Technology Co.,LTd. Read

Congratulations Faread Technology has Received its new ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) Certification dated on March 25th, 2015.


ICAR as the Registration Authority of ISO for testing and certification of RFID devices for animal identification main interest is standardization of procedures and methods used in recording of livestock and establishment of test procedures for the approval of equipment and methods for performance recording.


Our Glass tag transponders / microchip comply with the ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 standards which have passed the conformance test of ICAR. It also can be used as ISO14223 under customer request.


Our manufacturer code “900” with product code “900197” are used in the RFID of animals which has been granted by ICAR. Those ICAR numbers are Unique worldwide and thus can be used in any place all over the world. Together with ICAR, we will ensure that the numbers we sent to you are worldwide unique, with no duplicate or copy.


For those who buy glass tag microchip transponders and animal ID injectors, we can allocate our ICAR numbers and help do the programming for free.


Faread Technology is a professional manufacturer of animal identification products. We offer the glass tag, microchip injector, ear tag and RFID reader which are designed to meet virtually any need including livestock animals of various sizes, pet identification, laboratory and exotic animals, and even fish. In addition, Faread provides a beneficial solution in animal breeding, slaughter management and animal identification.


Yours Sincerely,


March, 2015

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