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Become A Partner of FAREAD

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Become A Partner of FAREAD


FAREAD is the leading provider of high-end RFID components and total solutions worldwide. Dedicated in improving identification and management efficiency in a wide range of industries and applications, such as: Animal ID and food safety, Fish tagging and Pigeon racing, Automation and manufacturing, Automotive and immobilizer, Warehouse and asset tracking, Access control and door opening, Medical equipment and healthcare, Semiconductor and Solar Energy, etc.


Now we are looking for a worldwide partner including Distributors, Integrators,, OEMS, and Technical Alliance Partners that help organizations identify, purchase and implement the most extensive line of powerful and versatile solutions in various applications.


FARAED and our partners share a mutual commitment to ensure customers can purchase products and solutions with absolute confidence in quality, performance and support.


If you’re interested, please send your email to info@faread.com.


Welcome to join us !

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