Faread Technology Co.,LTd.

Company Profile



FAREAD is the leading provider of high-end RFID components and total solutions worldwide. Dedicated in improving identification and management efficiency in a wide range of industries and applications, such as: Animal ID and food safety, Fish tagging and Pigeon racing, Automation and manufacturing, Automtive and immobilizer, Warehouse and asset tracking, Access control and door opening, Medical equipment and healthcare, Semiconductor and Solar Energy, etc.

Products range from RFID tags, transponders and microchips, RFID readers and scanners, Antenna, software and total solutions that covers all frequency band in passive RFID from LF 125kHz and 134.2kHz, HF 13.56MHz and NFC to UHF 860MHz-960MHz.

Our Vision

◎The most outstanding and most valuable RFID application and service enterprise in RFID field

◎Supply safe and reliable tracing product and information, provide security and convenience RFID brings worldwide

◎Smart RFID Smart Life


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